Baby Elephants - Original (1 of 1)
Baby Elephants - Original (1 of 1)
Baby Elephants - Original (1 of 1)
Baby Elephants - Original (1 of 1)
Baby Elephants - Original (1 of 1)
Esmay Luck Art

Baby Elephants - Original (1 of 1)

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This piece captures the joy of 3 baby elephants playing in the water! They are cheeky and fun loving and bring a little smile to my face every time I look at them!

This is perfect as a gift for a new baby or child to go in their bedroom or playroom! It works particularly well for siblings (and triplets) as well as friends!

There is only one original of these and I have made A4 prints of it here.

Please note: paint splashes exist on all originals, especially this one - please see close ups and be sure to zoom in to check before purchase!

Edition: Original hand painted with pen, ink & watercolour. Signed.

Paper Size: 29.7cm x 42.0cm (A3), landscape.

Paper: Hot press watercolour paper, 300 gsm. Thick, smooth, white surface.

Supplied with: white mount. Outer dimensions: 29.7cm x 42.0cm. Aperture dimensions: 14inch x 10inch.

Frame options: available for customers shipping to the UK only. To add a frame, click the drop down box above. Options include Black Grain, White Grain, Dark Brown and Oak. Click here for more information on the frames.


Most originals have occasional paint splashes and marks as a result of my painting process, particularly this one. Please see close ups and zoom in on images before purchase to make sure you are happy.

I reserve the right to make prints of any originals sold.

Made in the UK

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